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A Greener Life: London Edition

Our previous blog took a look at some Cape Town-based businesses and brands that offer sustainable alternatives for our everyday needs. (Read the blog here.) Since recently launching in London, we thought it the perfect opportunity to explore some sustainable UK-based brands as a way to get to know our second home!


London certainly has no shortage of mouth-watering sustainable food options. Holy Carrot is a plant-based restaurant, offering wholesome dishes that are ethically sourced and free from preservatives and additives. For Veganuary, they partnered with Seaspiracy to create a vegan 'seafood platter,' with 20% from each platter sold going to support the organization's fight to save aquatic life.

Pop by Humble London for a vegan pastry or a cauliflower-base pizza, and be sure to stock up on some Seed And Bean chocolate for that sneaky after-dinner treat.

Prefer a night of cooking and staying in? Fill up your pantry with zero waste goods from Bulk Market, where you have the option to bring your own containers for a plastic-free shopping experience. Fin And Earth have a beautiful range of sustainable lifestyle products, and also offer a subscription service with free delivery on your first five orders.


Now that stomachs are full, why not put that energy into some community work? Simple, random acts of kindness are not only beneficial to the local community, but increase positive emotions in an individual. Research suggests that people with low levels of well-being may experience a boost in happiness from volunteering.

CleanupUK and Cleaning The Thames host clean ups around the UK. You can check out their websites to join the next litter-picking expedition.

Donate money, food, or time to Soup Kitchen London - a resource for the homeless, elderly, lonely and vulnerable in London that provides free nutritious meals, clothing, and toiletries to over 150 people each day.


Do good, look good, and feel good. Our new range is printed using water-based inks that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The garments are ethically made from organic cotton, are super comfy, and we're making sure to use our platform to support community organizations.

Pair your TSFC tee with a snazzy pair of Lucy & Yak organic corduroy dungarees or denims, and finish your outfit off with a pair of WAES, a footwear brand offering plastic-free shoes that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Shop second-hand at Cancer Research UK or Oxfam, because who doesn't love a good charity shop find?


  1. Opt for renewable energy. Bulb Energy is a green gas and electricity provider that is both affordable and easy-to-use.

  2. Try cycling to work instead of using the tube. If you don't own your own bike, hire a Santander Cycle for as little as £2 to get to your destination.

  3. Ditch the couch for a park. Getting outside can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Simply going for a walk can improve sleep, relieve stress, and encourage creative thinking and problem-solving.

And last but not least, tell others!

Encouraging friends and family to put sustainable practices into place is the first step to building a more conscious community, and it holds us accountable. Realistically, we cannot save the planet by ourselves – but we certainly can accomplish a lot if we work together to continue learning, adapting, and growing our efforts to be more eco-friendly.