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Fitness & Female Empowerment: An Interview with Studio6

Standard gym environments can often be intimidating for women. Some women may not feel comfortable exercising in front of groups of men, while others just prefer spaces where they can connect with like-minded individuals in a space that is judgement-free.

Whatever the reason, these spaces are wonderful ways for women to come together and inspire one another, build each other up, and find ways to make exercising fun!

Maybe you’re into fitness, maybe you’re not – but we can certainly all appreciate an inspiring woman-in-business story.

In 2020, 25-year-old Abbi Hutchinson founded Studio6, a small group personal training facility that specializes in female development, located in Washington, Tyne & Wear, UK.

We had a little chat with Abbi to learn more about the Studio6 story.

What inspired you to start Studio6?

I was inspired to start this business as I felt the fitness industry was missing something like us, with the message, ethos and expertise that we have. I have always been involved in sport and fitness, and so I felt that the natural evolution for me was to open up a space for women where they can be open and empowered through fitness and lifestyle.

What were some challenges you faced when starting out?

Starting out was particularly a tough period as we opened our doors in the midst of a global pandemic; I don’t think it can get tougher than that! Initial opening date was halted, and we were forced to open and close the facility for most of 2020. However, we came through it and hopefully never have to go through that again.

What are some Studio6 highlights from the last year?

During the last year there have been many, many incredible moments. What immediately springs to mind, however, is our last ‘Games Day’ event as this was particularly special. I would have to say that has taken the lead in moments to remember. It's a really special thing to see the community you’ve built come together through the power of fitness and be so thriving!

What does the future look like for Studio6?

In the coming years, we look to expand our coaching team, develop our product and broaden our member base. Additional aspects on the Studio6 radar involve branching into education and delivering seminars so that we are able to further empower more women with our method.

Describe a day in the life at Studio6.

Wow. A day in the life of Studio6?! We never miss a sunrise or a sunset. Our doors open at 06:00 and our last session finishes at 19:30. Typically, a day is filled with 6 hours of coaching sessions as well as time well spent helping to facilitate our members to be more. Through a clear member journey, we pride ourselves on being able to help each and every one of our members on an individual based pathway. There’s also plenty of behind the scenes work that gets choreographed and executed, including social media content creation and planning, staff CPD and much more.

Talk about your mission statement and what it means.

Redefining every woman’s perception of health & fitness – this is our mission statement. This statement is important to us as we feel that for so long, women have been dictated how to look, told to aim for ultra slim or ultra curvy, cardio only workout routines or 1200kcal diets. We’re here to break that narrative and empower women to make their own choices about their body and not fall into the false narrative of training and exercise as punishment. Better health, fitness, well-being and positive self-efficacy is the message transpired through this mission statement.

What’s one thing you hope women take away from their Studio6 experience?

We want women to take away CONFIDENCE. Confidence in themselves and their ability to train and dictate their lifestyle on their terms.

What does being EMPOWERED mean to you?

Being empowered means to go out into the world living as your true self, unafraid of judgement and living life to your full potential. We believe exercise can build the mental framework to help you believe you can achieve more than you may think!

You recently collaborated with NEFEmpowerment on a Self-Love Club t-shirt, where funds were raised for the Mind Organization - what are some ways you practice self-love?

We loved that collaboration! We hope to do more with NEFE in the future and we’re so proud of the funds raised for the Mind Organization. Self-love, to me, means spending time to myself. Personal alone time. I enjoy my own company, even travelling on my own with good books in new places - that really feeds my soul!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to women looking to start their fitness journey to improve not only physical wellbeing, but also mental health?

One bit of advice I’d give is just release all previous expectations and preconceptions and go for it. Aim for your best, whatever that looks like! Remain consistent and just be persistent.

To learn more about Studio6, visit their website here. Show some love and follow them on Instagram here.