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OS Lifestyle: More Than Just a Barber

More and more, we're beginning to see sustainable small businesses pop up in all sectors. This is, of course, incredibly exciting and hopeful, as it gives individuals the opportunity to continuously improve their carbon footprint in small ways by supporting these businesses.

Whether it's opting to buy from an ethical fashion brand instead of a fast fashion outlet, or choosing a local barber that puts sustainable practices in place, making greener decisions throughout our daily lives helps the planet, helps us feel good, and helps the local economy!

We were intrigued to learn about OS Lifestyle, a UK-based lifestyle brand "that provides clients with great haircuts, and top-of-the-range bespoke products."

Established in 2014, OS was set up by founder Joe Steven and his business partner, George, who met at school and have over 20 years experience in the hairstyling industry. Joe and George decided to start the business because they were looking for a new challenge - they saw a gap in the market for a high-end affordable barbershop that had the potential to grow into a full-on luxury lifestyle brand.

"Our biggest challenge starting out was setting up a business with no prior experience. We had to learn on the job and quickly establish ourselves," says Joe.

What really caught our attention was the fact that they aim to become the first carbon neutral barbershop in the UK. The OS team has been working with a company called Eco Offset, who will be helping them reach their goal of becoming net zero by 2024.

"We've looked at every aspect of our business to try and reduce our carbon footprint - from recycling, making sure our energy is from a renewable source, and offsetting our carbon output into rewilding and reforestation programs."

Joe goes on to expand on why sustainability is important to OS as a business, and explains that being aware of the impact we have on the environment is crucial to making a wide scale change.

"From businesses to individuals, we all have an impact and an opportunity to educate ourselves and others on how to make that change."

One of Joe's favourite moments over the past few years was when they released their very own eco-friendly natural shampoo bar, handmade in West Yorkshire. The product was tested on their clients - no animal testing here! - for a year before releasing to the public, with one of the main ingredients being sea salt to add volume and texture to your hair.

They're also incredibly proud of their felting machine - a machine that creates mats out of hair collected from the shop floor and used to help clean up oil slicks in oceans around the world. This way, they reduce hair waste ending up in landfill, and help clean up seas.

Ultimately, Joe and George are on a mission to change the way we think about barbershops: "The takeaway experience is to feel great about yourself and the environment we live in. We believe in singularity - doing one thing but doing it really well, and that's something we apply to every aspect of the brand."

And it only takes a quick browse over their Google Reviews page to see that they're succeeding at that mission! A barbershop with a purpose, and some sweet Spotify playlists - need we say more?


OS Lifestyle has a two branches - in London and Brighton. To make an appointment or shop their products, you can visit their website here. Sit back, relax, and listen to their playlists here. Show some love and support on their socials here.