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We all know that recycling materials instead of producing new materials consumes less energy. When just one plastic bottle is properly recycled, we save enough energy to light a 60 watt bulb for six hours straight. As our environment is at risk and the world is slowly becoming more and more eco-conscious, we see a rise in the usage of recycled plastic fabrics to fulfil our daily needs. But, it's quite difficult to imagine plastic waste being transformed into fabrics which are used to create fashionable clothing. Surely we'd be able to tell the difference between a normal shirt and a recycle plastic shirt, right? With the help of modern technology, luckily, there is a process that can convert plastic wastage into fabrics that can be used to manufacture clothing. Let's take a look at how this fabric is created, shall we?

First of all, plastic bottles are collected from landfills. The plastic bottles are then sorted according to the plastic's colour and the type of plastic. The bottles get washed, and all labelling and caps are removed. The cleaned bottles are then compressed, packed into bales, and shipped to the processing factory. Then, the plastic bottles are chipped and melted into smaller bits of plastic. The smaller pieces are crushed again and spun through a shower-like nozzle that results in yarn. The yarns are then used to weave fabrics and finally, end up into a trendy piece of clothing.

It goes without saying that this process also consumes approximately 30% less energy than garments which are made from conventionally manufactured polyester. Recycled plastic bottles are used for various purposes. One such use of this recycled material is spinning it into thin fibers, which are used to make every day clothing such as tees, jackets, and fitness garments, usually made from polyester blends. Moreover, making clothes from recycled plastic bottles has many benefits such as reducing the dependency on foreign oil. It is also directly responsible for reduction in toxins released into the air while burning plastic waste, as well as reducing the amount of waste bottles being dumped into our landfills. The used plastic bottles which are turned into fabrics are recyclable, and they generate less pollution in the environment. This is a great way to cater to the needs of people. as well as eliminate waste from our environment. It is heartening to see the rise of eco-conscious fashion finding a place in the mainstream fashion world. For those people who cannot relate plastic with fashionable garments, you'll be amazed to find that it is woven into many types of fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex, just to name a few. These fabrics are widely used in making style statements in the fashion arena. With development in recycling technology, plastic bottles can now be transformed into light, soft and breathable textiles, that work amazingly for the manufacturing of clothing. Some of the biggest brands in fashion have welcomed recycled plastic fabrics with open arms for creating clothing.