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Vesweeties: A Sustainably Sweet Small Business 🍭

Sharing the stories of inspiring small businesses has always been something we've loved to do, and what better business to share than one who specializes in vegan sweets!

Vesweeties is a vegan pick and mix sweet business based in the UK, selling all the best vegan treats and sweets your heart could possibly desire. From Dracula teeth to gummy cherries, to vegan chocolate, they offer an extensive range of candies catering to all sweet-tooth cravings.

We got in touch with founders, Alex and Amy, to find out more about the business.

Alex and Amy are two vegans who do their best to live consciously. When they're not busy running Vesweeties, you'll find them outside, exploring nature. They're also self-proclaimed foodies who love all things sweet (which certainly helps!)

The idea for Vesweeties first came about all the way back in 2017, before vegan pick and mix really became a thing. Living a vegan lifestyle for a couple of years, they found themselves missing having a proper selection of sweets to choose from.

After much planning and hard work, they were able to start up the business in 2019 once they had found a place of their own to run it from. While the pandemic certainly knocked many small businesses down, Vesweeties used it as an opportunity to capitalize on the fact that people were now ordering more goods online. Their orders sky-rocketed, and they found themselves working long hours to get orders done, all while both still having full-time jobs.

Unfortunately, running a successful small business is not without its challenges, and the pair were faced with the unexpected hurdle of having to change their business name. Vesweeties was originally known as Vegummies, but another company with a similar name made them change it.

“After a year of deciding if we should try and fight it in court or go through with the name change, we eventually decided to change from Vegummies to Vesweeties, as legal costs would have likely swamped us as a small business.”

This meant that Vesweeties has had to struggle with getting their website at a high ranking on Google again, but are confident that they will come back stronger after this unfortunate setback. They also hope to to get their products in local stores in the near future, and expand to a bigger space so they can take on more opportunities.

What makes the story of Vesweeties even sweeter is the fact that they're a family-run business, with mum joining the team to help with sending out orders, and allowing for some well-deserved time-off for Alex and Amy.

So what does a day-in-the-life typically look like at Vesweeties?

“We wake up at 7am to have breakfast and get ready to start work at 8am. We always start the day with a green tea and fill up our 2L water bottles to make sure we stay hydrated. Then we make and package up everyone's orders for our Royal Mail collection at 3pm, whilst listening to playlists on repeat. When 4pm strikes and the work day is over, it's time for a quick 20-minute stretch/yoga to relax for the evening.”

The pair loves animals and nature, and want to live their lives with a minimal impact on the planet – which is why sustainability is at the heart of the business.

Vesweeties only stocks plastic-free products, and sends out orders in eco-friendly packaging and recyclable materials. They are also part of a tree planting scheme with Ecologi, who plant a tree for every Vesweeties order. They are currently nearing 19,000 trees planted!

“We are always trying to learn new ways we can better our carbon footprint in little ways.”

Their advice for people curious about adopting a more vegan lifestyle:

“Veganism is so much easier now, with so many vegan mock meats and great alternatives to most food items. With so many great blogs and recipes online to help, it's never been easier to cook and enjoy vegan meals, even if you only start with a couple meals a week.”

Favourite sweet from the Vesweeties collection:

“We have so many sweets now, it's actually hard to pick favourites! Our go-to sweets are always strawberry gummies, fizzy cherries, strawberry pencils, everything foamy, lemon lips, soft sour gummies. Basically most of them (haha).”

Best sweet-related activity:

“Going to the cinema and filling up a cup with all our favourite sweets. Sweets are our ultimate snack for chilling out and watching a great movie.”

To learn more about Vesweeties, you can visit their website here and shop their amazing collection of sweets and treats here. Fine them on social, and show some love and support to this inspiring small business here.